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What is
Mamá Chedes?

Welcome to a world of flavors and sounds. A place frozen in time when life was a little more simple. The streets are filled with familiar sounds: the whistle of the camotero, the people strolling in the main plaza, and the music of the organillero.

Inside every home the smell of the most scrumptious dishes and ingredients can be perceived, especially when you open your abuela’s pantry. The aroma of spices, flowery scents and even candy fills the air with sweet memories of joy.

This is Mamá Chedes: a little corner of Mexico where you can taste and remember the flavors that make life so sweet: fresh ingredients, artisanal candy and more.


Every Mamá Chedes product is carefully crafted with natural ingredients, faithful to our ancient traditions.

From Mexico with love:

Mamá Chedes

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